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•Bank for International Settlements

•Basel Committee on Banking Supervision

•Financial Stability Board









By continent









•Bank of Central African States

•Central Bank of West African States

•Bank of Algeria

•Central Bank of Angola

•Bank of Botswana

•Bank of the Republic of Burundi

•Bank of Cape Verde

•Central Bank of the Comoros

•Central Bank of the Congo

•Central Bank of Djibouti

•Central Bank of Egypt

•Bank of Eritrea

•National Bank of Ethiopia

•Central Bank of The Gambia

•Bank of Ghana

•Central Bank of the Republic of Guinea

•Central Bank of Kenya

•Central Bank of Lesotho

•Central Bank of Liberia

•Central Bank of Libya

•Bank Al-Maghrib

•Reserve Bank of Malawi

•Bank of Mauritius

•Bank of Mozambique

•Bank of Namibia

•Central Bank of Nigeria

•Bank of Somaliland

•South African Reserve Bank

•Bank of South Sudan

•Bank of Sudan

•Central Bank of Swaziland

•Bank of Tanzania

•Central Bank of Tunisia

•Bank of Uganda

•Bank of Zambia

•Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe







•Central Bank of Argentina

•Central Bank of Aruba

•Central Bank of The Bahamas

•Central Bank of Barbados

•Bermuda Monetary Authority

•Central Bank of Brazil

•Bank of Canada

•Central Bank of Chile

•Bank of the Republic (Colombia)

•Central Bank of Cuba

•Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten

•Eastern Caribbean Central Bank

•Cayman Islands Monetary Authority

•Central Bank of Ecuador

•Bank of the Republic of Haiti

•Central Bank of Honduras

•Bank of Jamaica

•Bank of Mexico

•Central Bank of Nicaragua

•Central Reserve Bank of Peru

•Central Bank of Suriname

•Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago

•Federal Reserve System (United States)

•Central Bank of Venezuela







•Da Afghanistan Bank

•Central Bank of Bahrain

•Bangladesh Bank

•Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan

•Brunei Currency and Monetary Board

•National Bank of Cambodia

•People's Bank of China

•Hong Kong Monetary Authority

•Reserve Bank of India

•Bank Indonesia

•Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran

•Central Bank of Iraq

•Bank of Israel

•Bank of Japan

•Central Bank of Jordan

•National Bank of Kazakhstan

•National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic

•Bank of Korea

•Central Bank of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

•Central Bank of Kuwait

•Banque du Liban

•Monetary Authority of Macao

•Bank Negara Malaysia

•Maldives Monetary Authority

•Bank of Mongolia

•Central Bank of Myanmar

•Nepal Rastra Bank

•Central Bank of Oman

•State Bank of Pakistan

•Palestine Monetary Authority

•Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

•Qatar Central Bank

•Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency

•Monetary Authority of Singapore

•Central Bank of Sri Lanka

•Central Bank of Syria

•Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

•Bank of Thailand

•Central Bank of Turkmenistan

•Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates

•Central Bank of Uzbekistan

•State Bank of Vietnam

•Central Bank of Yemen







•European Central Bank (Eurosystem)

•National Bank of the Republic of Abkhazia

•Bank of Albania

•Central Bank of Armenia

•National Bank of Austria

•Central Bank of Azerbaijan

•National Bank of the Republic of Belarus

•National Bank of Belgium

•Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina

•Bulgarian National Bank

•Croatian National Bank

•Central Bank of Cyprus

•Czech National Bank

•Danmarks Nationalbank

•Deutsche Bundesbank

•Bank of England

•Bank of Estonia

•Bank of Finland

•Banque de France

•National Bank of Georgia

•Bank of Greece

•Hungarian National Bank

•Central Bank of Iceland

•Central Bank of Ireland

•Banca d'Italia

•Central Bank of Kosovo

•National Bank of Latvia

•Bank of Lithuania

•Central Bank of Luxembourg

•National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia

•Central Bank of Malta

•National Bank of Moldova

•Central Bank of Montenegro

•De Nederlandsche Bank

•Norges Bank

•Central Bank of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

•National Bank of Poland

•Banco de Portugal

•National Bank of Romania

•Central Bank of Russia

•Banka Slovenije (Slovenia)

•National Bank of Serbia

•Bank of Spain

•Národná banka Slovenska (Slovakia)

•Sveriges Riksbank

•Swiss National Bank

•Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey

•National Bank of Ukraine







•Reserve Bank of Australia

•Reserve Bank of Fiji

•Reserve Bank of New Zealand

•Bank of Papua New Guinea

•Central Bank of Samoa

•Central Bank of Solomon Islands

•National Reserve Bank of Tonga









Policies and implementation

































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